Shreyas Srinivasa

PhD Fellow, Aalborg University Copenhagen

About Me

Hi, I am a PhD Fellow at Aalborg University, Copenhagen . I work in the area of Network Security. My research topics include Intrusion Detection Systems, Honeypots, IoT Security and Security Testing (Penetration Testing) Frameworks.

Paper Publications

  1. Multi-Stage attack Detection and Signature generation with ICS honeypots
  2. Did u really hack a nuclear power plant? An industrial control mobile honeypot


HosTaGe - a Low-Interaction Honeypot for Mobile Devices

HosTaGe is a lightweight, low-interaction, portable, and generic honeypot for mobile devices that aims on the detection of malicious, wireless network environments. As most malware propagate over the network via specific protocols, a low-interaction honeypot located at a mobile device can check wireless networks for actively propagating malware. We envision such honeypots running on all kinds of mobile devices, e.g., smartphones and tablets, to provide a quick assessment on the potential security state of a network.


acarda GmbH

Head of IT, Senior Consultant

May 2016 - November 2019

acarda is one of the leading international service and solution providers for banks, insurance companies, asset managers and fund administrators

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of IT Infrastructure for acarda SaaS applications
  • Security Consultant and implementation of acarda SaaS applications
  • Developer


Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt

Master of Distributed Software Systems

2013 - 2015

Since its foundation in 1877, TU Darmstadt has been characterized by a special pioneering spirit. It is part of our self-image to continuously continue this tradition of innovation. Through outstanding achievements in research, teaching and transfer, we open up important scientific fields of the future and continually open up new opportunities for shaping society. This makes TU Darmstadt one of the leading technical universities in Germany with high international visibility and reputation.

The Master of Science programme Distributed Software Systems specialises in the design, development and adaptation of flexible, secure and reliable distributed applications. Important aspects are the underlying software infrastructure as well as the efficient exchange of data between widely distributed locations via public, supra-regional networks. The course contents cover a broad spectrum and comprise, among other things, the development of distributed business applications as well as general web-based applications. Further topics are the development of social networks or virtual realities.

A Little More About Me

I am also working on some personal projects that involve a payment framework for apps used by the blind. I love listening to music and i also play a lot of games (PS4 and PC). I also do hacker rank challenges when i am bored or want to take some time off my research. I love reading books (non fiction)